We are an exclusive, One of a KIND hydration company dedicated to provide compassionate, state of the art, kid-friendly infusions in the comfort of your own home.

A) Add a KindFusion. Browse through our list to choose the one that fits your child´s needs best.
B) By appointment only, book a time and date of convenience.
C) Consult with our Expert Team. We will complete the customization process.

In our world, your child is KIND of a big deal. From jet lag fatigue fighting illness to performance recovery, we'ge got our child covered in a safe and KIND environment

Our company was raised from the ground up to promote optimal healing, fluid balance and restoring critical micronutrients and electrolytes to their delicate system.

In a world that is constantly evolving and pushing our future generations to new heights, maintaining peak mental sharpness and physical performance is key.

One of a kind treatment for every kind of child

COVID-19 Tests

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody

Rapid Antibody Detection Test from 2 drops of blood. Results in 15 minutes.

COVID-19 Rapid PCR

Quick Detection Nasal Swab (15 minutes) for live PCR Detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus..

COVID-19 Complete Panel

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody + COVID-19 Rapid PCR tests for Children and Adults. Ideal for Travel Passport, COVID Medical Clearance for school/summer camp.


The Wellness KIND

Designed to Promote overall wellness and hydration for your child’s day to day needs.

It’s Kinda Hot

The fastest and easiest way to prevent dehydration on a warm, active day.

The Athletic KIND

Tailored for the active, athletic child looking to maintain a competitive edge.

The Performance KIND

For the performer in the family looking to boost recovery and hydration.

The Traveler KIND

Formulated to minimize jet lag and facilitate return to the daily routine.

KIND of a Headache

Specially designed to bounce back from migraines instantly.

KIND Of Sick

The quick fix to food poisoning, acute stomach bug or flu like symptoms.

Your Own KIND

Your own, customized infusion based on your child’s individual needs and symptoms.

One of a KIND

Our Exclusive formula for optimal ph. balanced cleansing, hydration and vitamin boost.

Our Boosts

Add a boost to one of our KINDFUSIONS

KIND of a Boost

Boost up on any individual medication to your infusion.

Vitamin Boost

Add a Vitamin Boost if it's not part of your infusion.

B KIND Boost

A Boost of Vitamin B (Administer​ed as a separate intramuscu​lar injection) .

The KIND Boost

The safe, gentle way to provide an additional hydration boost during your visit.

Kind of easy
kind of fast

Consider your child’s infusion as a customized, tailor made hydration designed to match the exact individual need of every kid. It’s that KIND of an experience.

For every kind of place

Our company is designed to provide a safe, unique and dedicated team assigned to your child’s individual needs in the comfort of your own home, hotel or place of convenience.

It's Kind of Magic

Children require a delicate fluid and electrolyte balance that varies from one to the other.

Every one of our infusions has been specifically designed and formulated as one of a KIND formula to replenish your child’s specific needs.

For every kind of lifestyle

In a world where our future generations are constantly on the go, staying well hydrated and meeting the increased physiological needs of our future professionals, athletes and performers is critical to maintaining peak mental sharpness and physical performance.